September 29, 2011
Christmas decorations coming soon

It’s early autumn 2011, still very warm and sunny but fortunately we are thinking about Christmas season and Christmas decorations again. It will be no more than a month and we will be installing brand new Christmas decorations and Christmas lights in shopping centres and street all over the country. This year looks promisingly busier than last as more Christmas decorations are being manufactured.
This year will bring more contemporary Christmas decorations but still there will be plenty of traditional Christmas decorations.

Obviously there will be plenty of Christmas trees everywhere so just look out for giant Christmas trees standing out proudly in the middle of town squares and in shopping centres.

August 17, 2010
Santa grottos for all

Christmas are coming soon. I wonder if there will be plenty of snow as during last winter. If yes there will be lots of fun for children. And who knows? Maybe snow will help Santa to get faster and easier to visit Santa’s grotto across the country. And you can be sure there will be number of them. I have information from very good resources that Santa will have plenty of work to do while visiting kids and welcoming them in grottos. There are people who are already planning Santa’s visit and they are already building Santa’s grottos. Just imagine Santa sitting next to a worm fireplace and giving presents to any kid who wants to visit him. There will be giant grotto made of icebergs, surrounded with Christmas trees forest with arctic animals living there. There will be also a candy house grotto where children can come and watch Christmas movie and then meet Santa. And I assure you there will be more Christmas grottos where you can go during wonderful Christmas time and meet Santa. Just keep watching news from where you live. Santa will advertise himself!!!

August 12, 2010
Christmas decorations that entertain families

I know it is a middle of a year now but there is a company which thinks about Christmas already. In fact they think about Christmas all year round. It is KD Decoratives, based in Huddersfield in the UK and they specialise in Christmas decorations.

I had a chance to work with them and I must say they do fantastic job in designing and manufacturing outstanding Christmas trees, Christmas grottos, Christmas displays and other Christmas decorations.

When we think about Christmas decorations we can imagine lights, trees some displays and illuminations. But KD Decoratives they try to entertain us during Christmas in very specific way. Besides traditional Christmas decorations they prepare wonderful Christmas shows with Santa’s grottos, Polar Express train rides, computer controlled animatronic and many more.

The main goal is to give joy and fun to children and families during cold winter time before and during Christmas. And when they want to make a great entrainment they do it with full steam.

Just imagine a display with Santa’s grotto and magic wonderland as big as football pitch and a train ride in between all of it. Imagine giant bubbles with Santa, Snowman and other Christmas characters hiding inside. Imagine Polar Express going through a giant ice rocks with polar bears, penguins directly to icy Santa’s grotto.

And that is not all! Just check that blog for more post about Christmas decorations.

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